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Relief from Neck sprain

Date :2021-04-10


Neck sprains are one of the most common injuries. One can easily get a minor to major sprain without even doing anything. 

Mostly the people seem to get neck sprains while exercising or traveling when they make a sudden jerk to the neck and end up having a neck sprain.. 


Try these common relief techniques for relief:


  • Alternating an ice pack with heat, 4-8 times a day for 30 minutes
  • Gentle stretching and massage may help to relieve neck pain. 
  • Gentle exercise and good posture may also help to prevent it.
  • Pain relievers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen may also be useful.


Don’t know where to get an ice pack from? It’s right there in your house.

How to make an ice pack?

  • Make a Ziploc ice pack by rubbing alcohol and water, dish soap, or corn syrup.
  •  Alternatively, make a rice-filled ice pack. 
  • Customize your new cold compress with touches like a homemade ice pack cover, food coloring, or scented oil.


It’s time to see a doctor


  • See a doctor immediately if you: 
    • Experience pain after trauma or injury
    • Feel weakness in an arm or leg
    • Have trouble walking
    • Develop a high fever
    • Have neck stiffness
  • See a doctor soon if you::
    • Have headache, numbness, or tingling
    • Feel the pain that lasts for several weeks
    • Notice symptoms getting worse despite self-treatment
    • Experience pain that radiates down one or both arms or legs

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